Stanley J Murphy manufacture and install aluminium products by SAPA Building Systems. As with our PVCu range all our aluminium products are manufactured on our premises which means we are not required to work to standard sizes and can produce almost anything you require or envisage.

Our domestic aluminium products include:

Why choose Aluminium?

Strong & Stable

Aluminium truly is the material of the moment. It is strong, light, stable and it will not rust, warp or rot. Aluminium’s physical properties, such as low thermal expansion and contraction and inherent strength, result in window and door frames that are extremely stable. This means that the frames and casements fit precisely together and will continue to be close fitting throughout their lives.

Reduced Energy Costs

Aluminium’s stability and rigidity means that it can provide exceptional watertightness and wind resistance so that heat losses are reduced. Combined with a dual polyamide thermal break technology this gives compliance with Building Regulations Part L using standard glazing units and can result in reduced fuel costs.

Slim Frames

Because aluminium is so strong, windows and doors can have slim frames, much slimmer than timber or plastic. Aluminium frames also mean that you can also have larger windows as aluminium is that much stronger than other window materials.

Choice of Colour

Our Aluminium windows and doors can be supplied in almost any colour, including coloured metallic finishes. They can be polyester powder coated to BS EN 12206-1:2004 which results in a finish like that on a car but tougher. Our range consists of over 400 colours and remember that with Dualframe you can have a different finish on the inside to the outside, that’s why it’s called Dualframe! Because of the quality of the finish applied your windows and doors will not attract dirt electrostatically the way plastics such as PVC-U do. This means that whatever colour you choose for your windows they will stay looking good for many years.

The Environmental Choice

From an environmental point of view aluminium has a lot to commend it. It can be recycled over and over again, with no degradation or loss of physical properties.

Window Styles

Open Out Casement

Tilt & Turn

Vertical Slider

Horizontal Slider

The above illustrations are a guide only. All viewed from outside.

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